SuperMatch Kickoff

WACO’s SuperMatch® Squares Sweepstakes coincides with the Super Bowl. For $20 you’ll get four tickets with four different sets of numbers. Each game card contains two numbers for each quarter.* One number for the NFC team, and one for the AFC team. At the end of each quarter, compare the last digit of each team’s score with the numbers on your card. If both of them match, you win.

Match four quarters* and win $5000, three quarters/$500, two quarters/$50, or one quarter/$10. WACO will track your numbers and send you a check if you win. For every $20 you spend, WACO keeps $14. *The fourth quarter/final score numbers include overtime.

Tickets go on sale in October. To purchase tickets online click here or contact Clayton Black or (618) 339.3115

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