FireFan® allows you to predict professional sport outcomes in real time on game day with a series of multiple-choice or yes/no questions such as, will this drive end in a field goal attempt? If you have predicted correctly you’ll be assigned points. Accumulate enough points and exchange them for great sports merchandise and name-brand electronics. And every time you play, FireFan® will make a small donation to WACO. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s for the kids!

On your phone: Download the free FireFan® app and register. When it asks for your rewards code and/or league simply type WACO 4 Kids (it’s not case sensitive).

Online: Go to and sign up. 2. Then download the FireFan® app on your phone. When you sign up for the app it will ask for your credit card info. It’s okay to simply SKIP that step if you’d rather not put it in.

Chair: Geri McCall-Barrath



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